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High quality racing products for enthusiasts like you.

made by enthusiasts, worn by enthusiasts.

The manufacturing of our goods follows a meticulous and intricate procedure, with limited personnel involved, enabling us to preserve its exquisite nature and convey the genuine spirit of a glorious era to enthusiasts worldwide.

The items presented here are crafted by hand, reflecting the vintage charm, and are meant to be cherished as a valuable addition to one’s collection. We take great pride in reviving them as a testament to the thriving automotive culture.

The Ferrari Movie

- official teaser -

Imagine seeing your products on a global stage but one that seems entirely designed to let them shine as brightly as you can think of, immersed in such a context that no one could deny they were made for it. PACTO Helmets made this scenario a reality and we couldn’t be more proud of the helmets, visors, and racing boots featured in the 2023 film, Ferrari, the American biographical sports thriller film directed by Michael Mann set to be released at the end of this year.

All items created for the movie were carefully costume-made for each pilot, the same way as they did back in the days of the original race.

Guest Capsule

sports car racing history

Petroleum & Co delight us with this 1950’s gem, a post-war, amateur sports car racing short video, enjoy!

Passionate Work

We are a small staff formed by a group of artisans and vintage aficionados, fuel by our passion for the motor lifestyle.

Best Materials

We use high quality fiber glass, genuine leather, cork and fine silk, topped by vintage style rivets and original buckles.

True to History

We are inspired by it, and we want to be on the leading path towards the rebirth of the retro motor culture, passionately committed to its true form.

Custom Made

All our pieces are created in very low quantities due to the level of detail we love to maintain in each of them and we can also help you design your own custom version.

our bespoke process

- PACTO Helmets -

Our Handmade Collection

All of our products are made in a small shop in Costa Rica

The small group of people behind the process of producing our helmets and accessories, is proud of been one of the few sources of a truly timeless and yet authentic lifestyle.

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Glove Styles
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World Wide Connected

Our good friends and customers, all around the world, do us the honor of showcasing our products in all sorts of renowned events.

Derek Hill

He is the son of 1961 Formula One World Champion Phil Hill. In this picture he is wearing our Carrera helmet while he drives his dad's classic Ferrari 156 Sharknose.

Like Le Mans

The Carrera Master helmet been used with a very special car, the Original Ford GT40 1966 which reflects the best years of the endurance championship 24 hours of Le Mans in France.

Michael Stehle

Wearing a special version of our Carrera helmet in his 1953 Ferrari 375 MM Spider by Pinin Farina

Latest Media & Articles

Article about PACTO Ferrari helmets in Jornal dos Clássicos

Article about PACTO Ferrari helmets in Jornal dos Clássicos

The Portuguese online publication Jornal dos Clássicos, owned by the Abel and João de Lacerda Foundation and which is dedicated to informing lovers of vintage, classic and sports vehicles about all aspects related to this universe, whether in terms of news. , events, competition, market or life style, on the…
PACTO Ferrari movie helmets featured in USA Today

PACTO Ferrari movie helmets featured in USA Today

The new Ferrari movie is not only a cinematography masterpiece in its own right, but it also portrays the period-correct context with superb attention to detail, such as the helmets we had the privilege to supply and this USAA article about it tells you all about it. If you want…
A pact with history

A pact with history

Article published in the official Porsche magazine Christophorus Without meaning to, the Costa Rican Danilo Coto Cruz has become one of the most recognized manufacturers of vintage helmets in the world. Porsche 550 Spyder, Mille Miglia, 2022, Porsche Latin America Photo: private archive From a very young age, history fascinated…

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