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These boots can be used for Grand Prix, rally o sport touring and come in black, brown and black & brown leather and resemble a design originally from the 50’s y 60’s.


Secure footwear for control and speed. The pliant leather of the upper part adapts to the foot and gets better with age.

The ankle section is encompassed by a waist-high shaft and the heel reinforcement is impeccable.

The sole gives a lasting stability, making them largely heat resistant and gives the best coefficient of friction.


PACTO 50's Driving Boots

Historic Period: pre-war and early 50s

Driving boots were made by different companies in Europe and US, becoming very popular since 1950s, sport boxing shoes like Lonsdale in the UK or Alex Tylor in New York were two of the most important manufactures at that time, brands like Edward Lewis Westover or Les Leston both from UK dominated the market until late 1970s, they were responsible for manufacturing the first specialized driving shoes for racing.

You can order them in brown or black.


Steve McQueen Driving Boots
Here Steve McQueen is wearing probably the legendary sports/boxing boots from Alex Tylor & Co - They are our inspiration to fabricate them again.

PACTO 60's Low Racing Shoes

These are the soft leather driving shoes GP for formula 1, mostly used during the 1960’s decade by style names like Jim Clark, Jack Brabham, Dan Gurney , Jacky Stewart.

Low Racing Shoes Collage