PACTO Helmets

The following is a transcript of the article printed in the November issue of the magazine Iconic Report. All images were taken from the same publication.

One day, after generations had past in a factory in England where all the biker bomber leather jackets were made since after the war (the biggest factory in Europe at that time), the nephew of the owner stood up and decided, after having seen many stars like young Paul McCartney, The Clash and Depeche Mode, performing and being photographed with the jackets on, to make the look extremely cool.

He quickly understood that there would be a demand for a helmet from the same time to complete the look.

In his search all over the globe to find the perfect helmet that could fit and carry the load of the specific image the bomber jacket had already created, one day, he finally landed his eye on one; a sample.

One day, in a small workshop in Central America, a gent started working on his vision, on his dream, trying to make all small details work because everything had to be and look exactly the same; the flow of the curves, the leather pieces, how they where stitched, even the color and every single screw had to have the exact same look, going as fas as to have equipment especially made so he could reach the ultimate spot where the screw had to go.

PACTO HelmetsPACTO Helmets

The reason why he was obsessed with it was because he wanted to make “The Helmet”, an exact replica, completely handmade, and after many hours of frustration, there it was, the exact look as the post wat helmet. He took some pictures and placed them on Facebook, so that the whole world could admire his work.

Now sitting behind his computer, harvesting all the praise from friends, he gets an email with an unknown address. It’s the English, asking him to make three samples, and explaining who they were; an English factory that (in older days) used to make them, but now were focusing on the bomber leather jacket. But as they explained they want The Helmet to become the perfect partner, they promise to send the original labels of the brand so that he can use them to stitch them on the interior lining, as it used to be done in the past. If the English approved the three samples, he would become The Connection.

PACTO Helmets PACTO HelmetsFortunately for you readers, I found out who the English Connection is. Let me introduce you to Danilo Coto Cruz, Engineer during the day and the English Connection at night and during the weekends. You can admire his helmet collection, under brand name “PACTO Vintage Helmets”. You might easily forget that each helmet is still handmade since the look is so precise.

For those who are wondering if Danilo got the deal? Of course he did! He even went to England to meet them and the Gents shook hands. Now still through the English Connection The Helmet has travelled worldwide to welcome their excited new owners and vintage lovers.

If you climb on your motorcycle and put on a PACTO, a piece of new and old history goes with you.

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